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Our Vision 

Our Vision 

Normalizing & Advancing Emotional
Health in the Body of Christ.

Our Mission

We provide Christians in ministry, marketplace, and marriage with safe spaces to share their experiences without judgment so they can process pain, develop healthy perspectives, and transfer a legacy of
healing to future generations.

Our Team

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Life & Relationship Coach

Rosa Jones, MA.Ed

I believe that God has placed each of us on this Earth with a unique purpose. I am passionate about helping people live in ways that are consistent with their God-given design, identity, and purpose, and I enjoy the process! I partner with clients to help them gain clarity about where they are, connect with the will of God in their circumstances, and find healthy ways to move forward. Together, we develop coaching goals that help the client experience growth, healing, and transformation.

I enjoy working with young and middle-aged adults to address the following issues: singleness, dating, pre-marital & marriage issues, divorce recovery, affair recovery, race-related issues/social justice, Enneagram coaching, weight loss, academic issues, life planning & decision-making, self-care, grief/loss, low-self esteem, and boundaries in relationships. Many of my clients are couples, undergraduate & professional students, K-12 educators, college/university faculty & staff, health care professionals, clergy/spiritual leaders, first responders, and law enforcement officers.

In addition to being a life coach and pastor, I also have substantial experience as a professional mental counselor, multicultural counselor and advocate, fitness professional, spiritual leader, college administrator, emergency/crisis counselor, and high school guidance counselor. 


Jefferson Jones M.Div

Life & Relationship Coach.

I enjoy working with adolescents and adults to address the following issues: male issues, pre-marital & marriage issues, race-related issues/social justice, academic issues, life planning & decision-making, low-self esteem, parent-child issues, emotional well-being, communication, and conflict resolution.

Many of my clients are teens, young adults, undergraduate & professional students, and clergy/spiritual leaders. In addition to being a spiritual leader, I also have substantial experience as a middle & high school teacher for eight years, sports coach, advocate for diversity, military, college, and rescue squad chaplain, and emergency medical technician. 

I work with clients to help build on their strengths, embrace who they are, and develop strategies to help overcome challenges that delay experiencing a healthy and productive lifestyle. I am relaxed, friendly, non-judgmental, and supportive. I encourage and partner with clients to help them grow through the life coaching and/or pastoral counseling process.

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